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Las Vegas – Heaven for Gamblers

History Of Las Vegas And How It Became Gambling Paradise

Gambling is an age-long practice though it was illegal in the United States with laws against it. Lotteries were used over time by some states and at the federal level, as a source of revenue generation to fund projects like schools in some territories in the 18th century and some part of the 19th century which later stopped because of the law against gambling. As the law against gambling got harder, illegal gambling outlets like casinos and illegal barroom dealers became wealthier. By the 20th century, gambling was strictly illegal in the USA but illegal operations continued.

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Miami, Hot Springs, and Galveston soon became gambling centers which attracted lots of people. The Great Depression also contributed its quota in inspiring the permission of some gambling activities like bingo which helped some organizations raise funds.

Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 due to the crash of Stock Market in 1929 and to help them with funds for the Hoover Dam construction. After World War II, Las Vegas became a center of attraction to investors in the gambling industry like Bugsy Siegel resulting in the development of the city in the 1950s. The legalization of gambling led to the growth of the organized gambling industry.

The collection of different hotels with casinos on a street known as the “Strip” was also a breakthrough for the gambling industry. With the best casino hotels of that time like Flamingo hotel, El Rancho, Apache, Pair-o-dice and lots more, gambling in Vegas became very popular. Though there were many hurdles like crime allegations and racial discrimination, today gambling in Vegas is what many look forward to since it houses some of the best USA casinos even online casinos with good odds.

Some Of The Most Luxurious Casino In The USA

Are you in need of a USA casino with world-class luxury and elegance? Below are some casinos to check out.


This is one of the world’s most luxurious hotel and casino which features amazing casino games with a world-class touch. With the Bellagio Casino, gambling in Vegas leaves you with the desire for more. The Bellagio casino has a good collection of slot and table games, video poker and other poker games, blackjack games, roulette games, bingo games, and sports betting with a good poker room. Its feature in the movie, Ocean’s Eleven, also increased its popularity.


Borgata is situated close to the ocean in Atlantic City with state of the art architecture. The casino is 161,000 square feet with over 250 gaming tables, 3,475 slot machines with poker rooms which featured daily tournaments and other table games


With an 85,000 square feet casino floor and world-class services, you can play a wide variety of games and win real money. It also has an amazing poker room. The casino offers up to 1,846 gaming machines with 96 tables.


This casino gives a great experience gambling in Vegas. They offer slot games, video poker and other games such as roulette games, single-deck blackjack games and lots more. You can also visit the Keno lounge to play Keno or check out their classy spa.


With top-notch architectural designs, Caesar gives you a unique feeling with its genius painting. Its casino is one of the oldest casinos in the city and one of the world’s most famous casinos. Caesar is a lovely place every gamer should check out.

Bobby Room- Famous High-Stakes Poker Cash Games

Named after Bobby Baldwin who won four World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, the 1978 WSOP main event and was in 2003 ushered into the Poker Hall of Fame. The Bobby room is located at Bellagio in Vegas. It is a place where the high-stakes is the thing to do. The room offers privacy. If you want to play the highest poker games, visit the Bobby room.

Tips For Other Things To Do For Entertainment And Fun

Here are tips in case you go gambling in Vegas and want to do some other things. You can;

  • Drive past the valley of fire.
  • Visit the Death Valley, National Park.
  • See the Bellagio fountain show
  • Take a walk along the Strip
  • Fly over the Grand Canyon